A Helping Hand So You Can Maintain Your Independence

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Life with dementia

made a little easier

Napier Homecare offers specialist dementia care services, helping to make life easier for your loved ones. Our trained carers are patient, respectful and will help promote independent living as much as possible.


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Qualified dementia care workers in Blackpool

Dementia affects 1 in 20 adults aged between 65 and 70, Napier Home Care will ensure that you get care at a satisfactory and appropriate level of service that protects your right to make your own decisions as long as you are capable of doing so.


Dementia can affect your ability to recall events and make small decisions.  Our Care Workers are there to provide a constant and regular reminder about everyday life like medication, food and drink.


We adopt a Person Centred Approach to Dementia for every person we provide care for, we like to understand each person their like and dislikes, their individual personalities and what makes them smile.  That why we signed up to the four principles of the Dementia Pledge.

1. Know the Person who is living with Dementia

2. Provide Quality Care for a Quality Life.

3. Everybody has a leadership role.

4. Provide value-focussed care.